Friday, July 2, 2010

Santa Cruz Beach Day

Word of the Day: SNALT - noun (snawlt) the type of salty snot that travels down the back of your throat from a head being dunked under salt water repeatedly. Typically will occur for hours after salt water exposure.

"Snalt is dripping down my throat." 
"I just blew all the snalt out of my nose."

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After a later start than we hoped we drove down to Twin Lakes Beach (Point B) in Santa Cruz to try our hand at Boogie Boarding in the surf.

After sausaging ourselves into wet suits borrowed from Gord's family, we hit the cold water.

Fortunately for me the waves were not as large as the experienced Boogie Boarding Camerons liked, but they were perfect for me to learn on. Steve preferred to Body Surf the waves most of the time since he Boogie Boarded last time he was in California. I was not a competent Body Surfer and stuck to using the board all day.

Boogie Boarding is all about timing and finding the right wave. You want to jump your upper body onto the board just before a wave that is beginning to crest (at least that's what I determined after jumping on the board at the same time I saw either Randall or Gord jump on).

 After many trial and errors, many which ended with a face (and mouth, and eyes, and ears-causing snalt to accumulate for all) plant into the water as the wave rolled over me, I finally succeeded in riding on top of a wave, pointing slightly down on the crest all the way into shore. The sweet spot was learned and many waves were successfully rode into shore.

As the day went on, the tide began to come in, and the waves got bigger. It took more face-plan and rolling in waves after falling off the board to learn how to handle these larger waves. Eventually success!

It was epic fun and something we will both enjoy doing again in the future.

After hunger was satisfied with epic burritos we drove down to the Main Pier in Santa Cruz (Point C) so I could see Sea Lions. I was expecting to see a few on a distant pier. In the distance we heard the sweet serenade of Sea Lions.

Down some stairs that weren't blocked off we found and interesting place...

with starfish...

And we found Sea Lions...

they were huge...

they were cute...

and close enough we could touch them with no barrier to stop us.

Fortunately we are not stupid and did not attempt to pet them no matter how fuzzy and cute they were

and no matter how much their adorable eyes begged to be hugged.

Experience the Sea Lion noise:

And how delicate they are when scratching

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