Monday, October 11, 2010


So we're making a turducken. That's a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken. Due to poor planning, we don't have a shot of all three birds before carving started, but here's the turkey and the duck.

The basic plan was to debone (or peel) each of the three birds, lay them out on top of each other, then roll them back into a bird shape. This meant that the only bird that must be properly deboned was the turkey. So we practiced on the other two birds. Doug started on the chicken, and we messed it up by starting to cut from the sternum and peeling back, instead of cutting from the spine and peeling forwards.

Realizing the mistake, I started on the duck.

Cutting along the spine, we peeled the meat off the bone down the sides.

Breaking the wing and leg joints and "turning them inside out" to peel the bone off was pretty creepy. Here's my duck with half of it peeled. Doug's just starting the turkey in the background.

Doug's pulling the spine and rib cage out of the turkey.

Andy is ready and waiting for the correct moment of inattention to steal the delicious raw bird meat.

Doug gets the rib cage out completely

Here you can see just how big the turkey looks once it's just meat and skin, which lets it spread way out flat. The wings and legs are still in at this point though. Doug's got the turkey layed out on the left, and I'm holding up the duck on the right.

This is the turkey after I pulled out the femurs and the shoulder and first wing bone (but left in the lower leg bones and rest of wings). It's laid out to start the construction.

We put spices on, then smushed stuffing all over the inside. Then we added the duck, spiced the inside of that, and put stuff on (picture on left), then we added the chicken, more spices, and more stuffing (picture on right).

Now that everything had been prepared, we need to fold it back up. This is a four person job. Doug and I handled the meat, and Rene and Chris worked the string.

Andy plots his next move, looking for a better angle.

Containing the awesome is difficult. We keep tying.

The remnants of the other carcasses.

Almost done.

They seem adequately distracted: Andy commences Phase 1 of operations Turducken heist. (Insert Jaws Theme song)

 Phase 2: Honing in on the delicious prize.

Phase 3: Success! Andy gets one nibble in on the turkey leg before he is noticed and corrected. Like ghost photos, we looked through the photos later and noticed the attack in action.

Turducken is bursting stuffing and meat. It needs one more thing to seal in the deliciousness.

Complete Turducken, stuffed, tied, and ready for oven insertion tomorrow.

Andy says the Turducken is finger lickin' good.
Turducken cooked after 5 1/2 hours.

The glorious symphony of delicious meats. Having "just a turkey dinner" will forever be a let down from this moment on.

Turducken layers loaded up on a plate. A beautiful moasic of meat.

Digging in. Our Turducken was served with mashed potatoes, sugared carrots, gravy, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.  We were informed today that our turkey was from good old Huron County.