Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prelude to Gypsy Adventures

Steve and I are attending our friend Doug's wedding in Edmonton the weekend of June 10th. So I realized that at some point I needed to travel from my mom's in southern Ontario to Edmonton.

Enter my oldest sister Shelley. She recently accepted a job in Prince George B.C. and is driving her car and her dog to her new place that she takes possession of June 1st. I needed to get to the western provinces, she's going to B.C. - my Gypsy Adventure was born.

Overview of my Gypsy Adventure
 I am traveling with limited suit case space, limited cost, and an even more limited menu. I'm hitching a ride with Shelley and her dog Dante out west. One of my smaller suitcases is full entirely of food items I can eat without becoming sick (or terribly gaseous). We are staying anywhere that is cheap (and relatives in Calgary), has a bed, a shower, and takes dogs along the route.

From Prince George B.C. I'm taking a greyhound bus to Edmonton (I already have my ticket!) where I will meet up with a high school friend of mine who practices archeology in St. Albert, Alberta for a few days. Then to Edmonton for Doug's wedding and meeting up with Steve for the first time in two months.

Steve decided that one weekend visiting with me in Edmonton was not enough and has decided to abduct me to California with him. My return ticket back to Toronto is for the beginning of August.

The First Leg of My Journey
This adventure starts Saturday, May 28th, and stars a recently converted carnivorous-gluten free vegan, a daring Master of Radiation seeking the perfect pupils, and a dog named Dante on his quest for a magical monocle, that is very distinguished, and gives a second sight for squirrels and grizzlies. (remember the monocle for I am sure to make reference to it in later entries)

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Shelley has crammed as many personal belongings (and Dante) as possible into her car to move across the country.  She is literally picking up and moving her life across the country to start her new job in Prince George.

I've always wanted to drive from Ontario to western Canada. I'm terribly excited about this journey and have mapped out our route with a few detours and pit stops but most of the exciting stops will be spontaneous as we see them. I will be posting photos summaries of our adventure from east to west whenever I have internet available (which might be St. Albert considering we are staying in bargain basement motels).

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