Saturday, July 30, 2011

Because it's Market Day!

Every Saturday while Colleen was in California, if we weren't doing tourist things, we would head out to Murphy Avenue downtown Sunnyvale to one of the greatest outdoor markets we've ever attended.

We arrived a little later than usual today but it was still as packed as ever. There are various selections of peaches, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, white corn, and more - all local, all organic, and oh so affordable.

Murphy Avenue is the main downtown strip of Sunnyvale. It's cobble stoned and lined with fabulous buildings and restaurants.

 In the past few weeks we have discovered the honey stand where we can buy honey-raspberry wine (grape free so Colleen can consume it), and flavoured honey like sage and orange. Colleen has become a honey snob and regular honey no longer suffices.

A trip to the market is not complete without buying Steve's favorite flavoured honey sticks. We have already consumed four out of the six of the honey sticks by the time I thought to take this photo. Ruby is exhausted after her market morning adventure.

Ruby enjoyed making friends with some local dog enthusiast and really enjoyed nuzzling her face into said enthusiast' beard. She was a little disturbed but tolerant of the lady who shoved her own face against Ruby's nose.

Viewing photos is only a small portion of the Market Day experience. To truly appreciate Market Day you must be emerged with all the sights, smells, tastes (there are lots of samples - and home made chocolate!), and very importantly, sounds. There are always two local musicians playing in two different locations. The guy today was fantastic. Also notice how sunny it is? It's that sunny everyday, but not brutally hot - bah ha ha Ontario, I haven't sweat in the sun for weeks!

Colleen is sad to be heading back to Ontario. She will miss Saturday Market Day a lot.
(she will miss Steve too)

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  1. We have a musician at Market Day in Goderich. He continually plays the accordion. I heard some women squeal with delight over the "lovely" music.
    Mom :)