Sunday, September 15, 2013

Strawberry Creek Trail - Or Andy's Berkeley Adventure

We woke up early on Sunday, we tossed the water backpack, some snacks, and Andy into the car, and drove up to Berkeley. Our plan was to conquer the Panoramic Hill - Chaparral Peak - Strawberry Canyon loop. With Andy being so pokey, and drinking all our water, our route skipped Chaparral Peak.

The first mile was unreasonably steep climbing, which was tough, but gave us some amazing views.

 Oakland, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, and the Marin Headlands behind us.

 Andy is loving it but so tired. Many of the other dogs were younger and more spry compared to him. (Also Colleen claims she really should buy a second pair of hiking pants since she's always wearing the same "hiking outfit".

 After we stopped to check the map we would look around  to find Andy. He would always have found some shade to relax (pant heavily) in.

 Poor Andy is as agile as a garbage truck. We had to help him over a few logs but he was still eager to continue the hike with us.

 Once again, looking around after taking photos, we look to find Andy. This time he was huddled in the tiny amount of noon shade by rock, and the shadow cast by Colleen.

 Happy dog excited to be back in the car and on his soft bed.
(He and Steve napped all afternoon)

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