Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Year is Done. Long Live the Year!

A few updates of what we have been up to:

Spent Christmas with Steve's family, in San Diego
in a condo on the Pacific Ocean.

Saw some awesome U.S. Navy ships (aircraft carriers, cruisers, and more)

Found some Chumash cave paintings north of Santa Barbara

Celebrated New Years with a bang in San Francisco.

The sea of humanity was larger than we have ever experienced and have a better appreciation how close crowds can come to a stampede.

On New Years day we attempted to hike to the top of Mission Peak in Fremont,

 but due to a late start and concerns of being trapped on the trail after dark, we turned around a mile from the top.

Today we hiked to Little Yosemite just outside of Fremont.

No rattlesnakes were spotted, which Colleen finds disappointing as she'd really like to see one (from a safe distance of course)

We had some unexpected changes in 2013 like Steve starting his new job in San Francisco, moving to Fremont, climbing [a freaking] mountain, seal rescues and elephant seals.

2014 is looking promising: new adventures (Bolivia to visit Karen), privacy (we finally live without housemates!), and [insert unexpected random misadventure here].

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